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Stephen Hoffmeister


Stephen J. Hoffmeister
Owner - Applewood Builder LLC
Builder & Craftsman

Applewood Builder LLC offers reasonable rates and quality craftsmanship built to last. Honest & reliable you can trust us to build, remodel or restore your home into the home of your dreams.  Contact us for a free quote! The son of a builder and the grandson of a commercial apple grower, Stephen enjoys building houses and planting orchards, hence the name, Applewood Builder.

Starting at a young age, Stephen has over thirty years of experience working in the building industry. Honesty, integrity, and doing your best for others are part of Stephen's personal beliefs and he carries these values into his business practice. 

Stephen can complete a project from the ground up with knowledge and experience in all phases of new residential construction, remodeling and restorations.  He has remodeled and constructed countless homes of varied styles and sizes, from traditional farmhouses to modern multi-sided "round houses." He specializes in details that can transform a house into something special....a home that expresses who you are.

We love designing & remodeling homes to match your personal style. Our goal in offering custom design services is to design or remodel the home of your dreams in a way you can afford. 
 There are many options for clients to choose from.  You can remodel your kitchen or bath on any budget.  You can increase the value of your home by making simple improvements or by a complete redesign, the choice is yours.  We will work with you at no extra charge to meet your budget while still achieving your goals.
 Customers often bring to us plans they purchased that are not quite what they wanted or expected. Maybe you would like to add post and beams to your great room, add a walk-in pantry to your kitchen, or more closets than your already purchased plans.  We can make these changes for you.
 We select only the best materials to use for quality, economy and beauty. Whether you want to completely custom design your home, or make minor adjustments to your plan, we are here to provide you with support and insight.
Our Goals:

  • To make you happy

  • To design beautiful, energy efficient & affordable homes

  • Utilize "Green" building practices to the extent our clients desire

  • Continue to uphold high quality standards during the entire building or remodeling process

  • Offer unmatched communication & customer service

Tips to remember with new construction:

  • Beware of plans designed only for looks on the outside without well designed plans inside.

  • Beware of plans that are not designed with building cost and efficiency considerations.

  • Consider good site selection and passive solar design

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